How to add your own logo

Artwork Digitising Service

We operate modern Electronic Embroidery Machines that enable us to provide you with embroidered logos and emblems, offering tremendous detail in vivid colours. Our machines are computerised and require that your artwork be digitised in order to provide an accurate impression of your Branding Logo. We make just a one off charge for Digitisation - Email us or post us your logo.

How to add your own logo - Its simply a 2 stage process:
Step 1.
We will digitise your logo for a one off cost of £20 and provide you with an Artwork Charge Code - (the actual cost of embroidery may differ as its based on the stitch count) - the actual price of embroidery of your logo varies from £5 to £20 each.

Step 2. You provide us with your artwork code each time you want your artwork added to your garment.

You will receive an Artwork Charge Code and Artwork Reference No. Please be sure to use the correct Artwork Charge Code and  Artwork Reference No. for the garment when ordering.


Step 1. Artwork Digitising - you only need to do this once

Digitising Charge per Artwork.  We will send you an Artwork Charge Code & Artwork Reference No. normally within 2 working days. 
If you already have an Artwork Charge Code and Artwork Reference No. go straight to Step 2.

Step 2. Do you already have an Artwork Charge Code & Artwork Reference No.?

If you already have an artwork code, insert it here.

If you are buying more than one item in this purchase make sure to tell us which items need to be embroidered with your logo.

If you require more space than the form allows, please send an email.

Artwork Charge Code is based on the number of stitches, please ensure that you use the appropriate Artwork Charge Code for the Position of Logo .